How to Deal with Sweaty Gaming Hands

glovesHave you ever wondered what to use for sweaty hands when gaming? Maybe you have a friend with a sweating problem and they end leaving your pad wet, smelly and you literally want to disinfect it with holy water. Maybe you’re the sweaty palm monster in the group and nobody wants to game with you anymore for fear of having to share a gaming pad with you. Don’t worry here are some incredibly useful tips to help you get over this predicament.

Get Yourself a Self-Cooling Controller

These aren’t as common as they were during the ps2 and early xbox era but I’m sure you can find one online. They are simply gaming pads with in-built fans which help keep the pad cool thereby reducing the chances of sweating. They are available for most consoles and PC gaming.

Get a Controller Grip Cover

These are basically controller covers made of vulcanized rubber and related materials which aid n sweat-control. They are usually super cheap and they come in a wide array of colors making them my preferred solution to this conundrum. All you have to do is slip it on, enjoy your 48 hours of endless gaming and slip them off when you’re done.

Wash your Hands Thoroughly Before a Gaming Session.

washing handsHaving dirty and sticky palms is the probably the fastest way to end up with a sweaty controller. In this regard it is advisable for one to wash their hand with disinfectant and dry them thoroughly afterwards. This keeps the palms cool thereby reducing chances of sweating and ruining your perfectly good controller.

Seek Medical Help

Last but not least it is time to consider seeking assistance from a licensed medical practitioner. Just ask for what to use for sweaty hands. Maybe you could have a dermatological issue or your diet is poor leading to a sweating problem. Don’t be embarrassed it could save your life and that of your controller.

These are my go-to solutions for what to use for sweaty hands when gaming, I hope they help you out too.

3 Clash of Clans Tips for Newbies

king and queenIf you are new to clash of clans, you might feel somewhat overwhelmed by all the possibilities at hand when it comes to starting your clan. Don´t worry! Here you will find three tips that can help you get started in the game and become successful in no time.

The more builders, the better

You can have up to five builders, but they are expensive. Most players at a medium level have two, but it will be worth spending your 500 gems in obtaining that third builder. If you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate on spending to get up to the maximum five. When your village starts to grow, you will appreciate the extra speed that more builders add. Besides, in clash of clans everything seems to go at a slow pace. The extra builders will save you spending all your gems out of impatience for wanting everything to be finished immediately, since everything will work at a faster rhythm.

Plan your defensive strategy

Place your mines and military camps outside of your walls. This might sound crazy, but by doing this, you will hold up any possible attacks and avoid losing your shield. Our mortars and defensive units will have time to eliminate some of the intruders, while the towers finish them off. Your village will be left nearly untouched. Never forget about the walls, they will be your basic element of protection. It is recommended to use a wall between each line of buildings, and move from the center outwards. This means that the town hall and storehouses will be in the center, and other buildings will be in outer layers, just like an onion. Leave a space between lines of wall so that you can place weapons and further protect your village.

Looting: the quickest way to obtain resources

It is extremely slow to depend on your own mines to obtain the necessary resources for building up a successful clan. Looting will allow you refill your storehouses in a heartbeat. If you don´t feel too violent, you don´t always have to destroy the enemy camp. Once you gain a certain ability and your defenses are well set, you will be able to become very rich in no time by attacking specific buildings from your enemy. You won´t be able to stop attacking once you see the benefits!


Are you ready for the addiction? Clash of clans is going to grasp you in its strategy and not let you go. It will certainly be the experience of a lifetime!

What’s Up with the Farming Simulator 2013 Mods?

farm sim

Farming simulator is one of the most improved and exciting simulator that has ever been made in this world. It has so many good and improved features that makes it to be extremely outstanding and big in the current world. This simulator challenges farmers to take the day to day and role of practicing a modern farming. When a farmer has the improved and fore said simulator can be able to practice animal husbandry and also for the growing of crops that will yield up into high sales when the farmers sells the produce in the market. The farmer is now responsible to grow up his own farmer in deed in large.

When the farmer progresses with the specific carrier he or she is practicing then he or she will definitely fulfill and completely achieve different missions that he has. Having this kind of farming a farmer will produce and control several farming vehicles and including machines that will faithfully improve and recreate great names in the industry. This farming has increased with diverse crops and having new livestock that may include rearing chickens and sheep.

Farming simulator may also be found online in the internet and provides several services that can be found online. Having this simulator you can be able in fact to manage that consists of up to more than 12 other players that are accessing through a local network. Farmer having this type of simulator can be able to share several equipment with several prayers all over the world that are able to provide you with unlimited hours. There are several brands that are over 30 that are licensed for example Lamborghini to mention but a few. There are several hours of having fun and improving the strategy that one needs to learn if one wants to be a hard working farmer.

Finally having discussed fully this farming stimulator that will actually bring a whole and great experience of the best farming game ever found in this world will encourage everyone to go ahead and have this farming simulator 2013 mods that are available.

Why I Love Candy Crush Saga

saga banner

Candy Crush saga is a puzzle game that requires you to match three candies. It was initially developed by King Games for Facebook but was later also created as a mobile app for smart phones. Candy Crush surpassed Farm Ville 2 to be the most played game in Facebook with an average of 46 million players a month.

The additive and widely loved aspects of Candy Crush are:

It is easy to play and win. This is true as you start playing the game as is the case of all games having simpler objectives for lower levels. Of course the objectives become more difficult to achieve as you advance in levels but who doesn’t like playing a game they can dominate.

The game starts with five life tokens which diminish a token at a time if you are not able to accomplish the objectives of the game. These tokens have a timer usually half an hour for their renewal. If you run out of tokens, you can ask your Facebook friends to send you more or wait until more tokens are restored. This is a game that actually prevents you from sitting around all day playing it.

Creating and discovering exciting combos in is this game to create special candy is also another feature that pulls game lovers to this game. One single move could mean the completion of a level with the sounds of candy cracking, and a divine moment where your points amount to a three star rating (the highest rating of the game). It is also encouraging to see yourself surpass your Facebook friends especially if you are at the top leading the bunch.

Other features that make Candy Crush the most played game on Facebook are; Candy crush requires friends to help you unlock episodes starting at episode three. You can request three friends to each send you a ticket. Other options include unlocking the game from an in-game store and accomplishing mystery quests which require a 24hr break between each quest. Bet you will nag that Facebook friend of yours to send you a ticket just to move forward.

Take A Knee: Using Kneeling Chairs For Gaming

chair for gamingWe all know that hours in front of the console can wreak havoc on your back, some gamers invest in tricked out leather rockers to ease the pain while others opt for the low cost beanbag; well now there’s a newcomer that might just hit that sweet spot between cost and comfort: the kneeling chair from

Granted, they may look a bit odd at first glance but these chairs are growing in popularity due to a number of advantages over your average sofa. For one thing, the fact that there’s no back support forces you to sit straighter by engaging your core muscles, giving your back and abs a workout at the same time as your thumbs. This in turn contributes to better overall posture allowing you to walk tall even long after you’ve finished laying in to the latest batch of noobs.

Health benefits aside, these suckers are darn comfy too…once you learn how to sit in them that is. Our favorite knee stool is the Office Star: It takes awhile to get used to and many newcomers make the mistake of putting too much weight on their knees when they first start out. The key is to just sit as comfortably as possible and to take advantage of the range of motion so that you’re not frozen in the same position for too long. It may take a few days but if you give one of these chairs a chance then you should notice a marked difference in comfort that hopefully transfers to your gameplay as well.

All that being said, these aren’t for everyone, if you’re the type of gamer who prefers speakers and cup holders built directly into their seats then look somewhere else. As with any gaming peripheral it’s up to the individual to decide what works best for them. If you’re experiencing back and neck pains after those long campaigns though, give the kneeling chair a try, it might just be the solution you’re looking for.

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